Carl Unthan 2

Unthan playing a violin with his feet.

Carl Herman Unthan (April 5, 1848 - 1928), AKA "The Armless Fiddler," was born in Sommerfield, East Prussia. He had no arms of any kind. His father pushed him to use his legs and feet for doing everyday tasks, and before long he could write with his feet. Carl then started learning more advanced tasks, he was recorded being able to shuffle a card deck, smoke cigarettes, and was a skilled violin player. He was once even invited to play before Strauss, in Vienna. As time passed, Carl was more and more like a professional musician, and less of a freak. He even had a real job of demonstrating that limb loss isn't the end of the world to recently amputated soldiers during WWI. Unlike many other freaks, he died an old and wealthy man, at the age of 80, in 1928. His biography "The Armless Fiddler" was published in 1935.


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